Eberron: At World's End (Xen'Drik Pirates)

The party entered the Leaky Dinghy, led by Daemon, despite their worries over Bugbear Captain Ahab the Rancourous’s mood. They encountered a sight of Ahab skewering a Sahuagin while his crew was swarming another one. The Bugbear demanded that Fuddok, the tavern owner, cook the sea devil for him. Daemon began conversing with the good captain, mentioning his trouble with certain Warforged. This reminder about his enemies made the Bugbear seethe, but he was willing to listen to Daemon since the would-be pirate implied that he had a plan to retrieve Ahab’s ship, Piquet. However, since the initial plan was merely to enter the ship by force and sail away with it (something Ahab had considered himself), the Bugbear became suspicious. He shared his knowledge about the Iron Watch guarding his ship day and night with the strength of multiple patrols. If they were to storm it, he would need evidence. The participation of a somewhat Drow woman, another Elf and some book worm did not exactly fill him with confidence.

Shynt’tree conjured a silent image of a Warforged for illustrative purposes. The mere sight was enough to enrage Ahab further, and Daemon finally realized that he should begin showing off before the eruption. He charged the wall, attempting to look as intimidating as possible. A sad attempt, that, and it merely made Captain Ahab amused by the would-be pirate’s incompetence. Arael attempted to salvage the situation by casting a spell, causing winds to blow strong enough to send Ahab’s Goblin crew flying. However, the sudden gust also caused the Leaky Dinghy to collapse. Spittoon-Fuddok’s foot was caught under a pair of planks but everyone escaped mostly unscathed. Roaring with laughter, Ahab decided to accept the party’s business proposal. He suggested they moved elsewhere, to the Wayward Lobster, to polish their crude little plan.

In the Wayward Lobster, everyone’s attention was captured by Menna, Enilam and Stormrage. Daemon, in particular, was enthralled by Menna’s animated tattoos and approached the Dwarven woman to inquire about the parlor and pricing. Menna let him know that they had been done by none other than herself, and informed the thug about her prices. Daemon decided to have himself tattooed with one and borrowed the money from Shynt’tree who joined Menna and him in order to recruit the Dwarf while she was tattooing Daemon’s arm.

Araen approached Enilam instead, noting his Valenar attire. Enilam made clear that he would prefer to leave port as soon as possible due to his entanglement with the Storm Lords’ less than honorable businesses. However, Araen’s formulation of their plans made it clear to the paladin that they were also a threat to innocent people, and he took a slash at the wizard. Araen managed to turn invisible before being downed, but he preferred to pay back eye for an eye and launched a bolt of lightning at his half-kin once out of the latter’s immediate perimeter. Thus revealing himself, he was swiftly felled by the charging half-Valenar who was forced to retreat once Kleris and Ahab joined the fray. Ahab had missed him with his harpoon and pierced the head of a bystander whose accomplices he intimidated to clean the mess.

Stormrage had noted the power of these strangers and would approach Kleris once Enilam had fled. However, his drunken mumbling about spirits and fate and whatnot was nigh impossible to comprehend. The Orc presented his divine powers by healing Kleris with his touch. He then proceeded to challenge Kleris in order to find out whether or not the spirits wanted him to accompany them. After one swing at the Synad, it became clear that the latter would not wrestle with him, and Stormrage decided to leave and sober up. The baffled psion was thus left to his machinations.

Meanwhile, Menna had agreed to sail with the party once they had received a ship. After all, she could use the gold to lure Dwarven suitors necessary for the revival of her clan. She would wait for them in the Wayward Lobster since she kept shop in the tavern in any case.

The party went through their plans and agreed with Ahab and his crew on bringing only enough Goblins along the boarding crew to sail the ship from port. The rest would act as a distraction for the Warforged patrolling the perimeter of Piquet. Unbeknownst to the Bugbear, they had also agreed to rid of him once an opportunity would present itself.

Ahab left, leaving his lickspittles behind to act as a line of communication between the party and him. The rest also scattered, Shynt’tree and Daemon following some leads from Daemon’s old Scars informants. They were ambushed by a pair of Scars enforcers in a shoemaker’s shop and forced to fight for their lives. Shynt’tree’s conjured grease bought them time the time necessary to collapse a shelf and flee, although Daemon had been badly wounded by then.



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