‘Tis been almost two hundred years since the Galifar navy purged the seas around Stormreach and tamed the Storm Lords of old. But old Galifar’s kingdom is long gone. The sea devils raid fools at Shargon’s Teeth but few men take up arms and plunder like the salt of old. A ghost or two may still haunt the Thunder Sea but what does a ghost do with booty?

Nay. ‘Tis time for a scourging. The Dragonmarked and the Storm Lords have grown soft and fat, and they be no match for a pair of innovative dogs with greed in their hearts. "Cry ’havoc’ and let slip the dogs of the seas", I tell ye’.

The campaign is centered around Stormreach, and trails the party as they hatch and implement their quick-fix financial plans involving a new wave of piracy around the seas from Xen’Drik to Khorvaire. Will the would-be scourges of the seas succeed in their daring heists, or will they fall prey to the Dragonmarked from whom they wish to steal, or the Storm Lords who govern these seas and descent from the most fearsome pirates ever to sailed them? Only the fact that everyone will not remain in one piece is certain.

Eberron: At World's End (Xen'Drik Pirates)