Black orc shaman



Xen’Drik holds many secrets, and they include an ancient sect of Amphibian Orcs connected with the elementals of the seas. This nameless clan makes their own contribution to keeping the nightmares of Xoriat at bay, and they worship the spirits of the world to channel the necessary power. Stormrage is a descendant of these secretive, amphibious people, but his fate was prophesied to be connected with the spirits of travel, and as such, he accepted to leave the tribe and find his fate elsewhere.

Traveling with his companion, a great shark, Stormrage happened across Stormreach in an early part of his journey. The city kept alluring him, and eventually he accepted that it must be somehow connected with his destiny. Since arriving, Stormrage has sought for a fateful encounter which would reorient him on his journey. Most of the time, his divinations have involved becoming horribly drunk with the varieties of holy water the city has to offer and being thrown out of the tavern. As such, he is only welcome to the Wayward Lobster and the Leaky Dinghy since the Orc refuses to leave the Harbor.


Stormrage’s skin and hair is oily due to his natural, underwater habitat. His appearance signs the dark and stormy might he controls, and only the drunkest of brawlers have mistaken him for an ordinary bubber. His armor and the dangling charms he wears all around make the connection Stormrage has with sharks, the most feared and plentiful natural beasts of the seas, evident.


Due to his heritage and the associated connection with spirit magic, Stormrage is extremely superstitious. He will look for omens in every detail, and he absolutely refuses to partake in actions which are deemed ominous by the fates. Of late, the shaman has sought inspiration from the bottom of cups filled with all sorts of holy waters which impart him with the local spirits. (Actually, his alcoholism started due to an misunderstanding regarding the etymology of “spirits”.)

The Orc is also quite bigoted towards women and physically weaker races, especially Elves and all small folk. While his own greatest strength is of the spiritual kind, he equates it with his physical power which is primary to the Orc. Then again, his training began with brawling instead of partaking in inherited wisdom, which makes the connection of a strong spirit in a strong body rational.


Stormrage is in good standing with his tribe despite having left them. After all, it was his destiny, and none among his people would hold a grudge for following the spirits’ instructions. He is also close with his companion shark, although no man in Stormreach would come to his aid.


What drives Stormrage is finding his reason to be in Stormreach, the fateful encounter which originally drew him to the city. Of course, he is more than willing to search for clues by consulting the bottled spirits of the locals.

The Orc is also a violent brawler, especially when drunk. The more intoxicated he becomes, the more he begins to think that only someone who can best him in wrestling could be the one he is looking for. Or rather – he is willing to wrestle to determine the strength of those he encounters even when sober but when Stormrage is drunk, these contests become much more violent and dangerous.


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