Old orc



Fuddok used to be a typical Half-Orc: no brains, just brawn. Basically he made his living by bullying those he could. He was a street thug, and that was the summit of his career. Having no future and no visions for one to speak of either, he simply drifted around and ended up settling in Fisher’s Folly and opening a kip called the Leaky Dinghy (well, it used to have another name but the nickname stuck and even Fuddok forgot that there had been another name for his tavern once). Having no skills in carpentry and having to work with junk and scrap, he finally managed to establish a boozer which barely stood up to the storms blowing from the Thunder Sea, some of the time.

The only notable things to happen afterwards include the Leaky Dighy being rebuilt time and time again. When it collapsed during a particularly vicious storm, a sliver of wood was lodged in Fuddok’s forehead. He weathered the injury seemingly unaffected by it, and the sliver remains lodged to this day. While the Leaky Dinghy is known as the cheapest and saddest kip in the whole of Stormreach, it also remains surprisingly popular due to Fuddok’s contacts: the Sahuagin prefer the meals he creates from meat sent from the Secret Cove, and they often come to the Leaky Dinghy to wait for clients to arrive and hire them as guides.


Fuddok is a malnourished old man, but his frame retains some of the bulk which made it so menacing back in the day. He is still a tall man despite his hunched back, after all. His skin is dirty, darkish green, and clearly shows his Orc heritage. His left eye is a deep burgundy, and his right eye has been turned greyish white by cataract. What little hair there is is short, thin and white. A big splinter of wood remains lodged in the middle of his forehead like a horn.


Fuddok is seriously mentally challenged, and has always been. He was essentially lobotomized by the chip of wood on his forehead, and even then only the most perceptive would have noticed anything different about him.

However, he remains an unnerving old coot despite having lost his bulk over the years. When he flies into a rage, the old Half-Orc can still beat most of his non-adventurer clientele senseless with his trusty old club (often just a piece of wood left behind during the latest repairs of the Dinghy).

However, the years have taught Fuddok to hold his temper, and he is quite servile when confronted with anyone clearly physically superior. As it stands, this includes any and all adventurers, although he might attempt to bully wizards and their ilk. After all – Fuddok is not exactly the brightest torch in the dungeon.


Fuddok has no personal allies, but his clients would be more than willing to protect the Leaky Dinghy’s existence since it is often the last place that allows them to enter. Also, the masters of the Secret Cove utilize the kip as a place to dump any spare bodies caused by strife, since they disappear effectively with the help of Fuddok’s ravenous clientele, and the occasional Sahuagin. Finally, the Sahuagin prefer to lollygag in the Dinghy while waiting for prospective clients. They would probably not really mind the place being razed, but at least they would take up arms just for the sake of bloodshed.


By now, Fuddok has really lost all expectations for the future. He likes having the Leaky Dinghy running, though, and any threat to that will cause him distress. Most likely he does not even realize his own mortality.


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