Menna "Canvas" Culathun

Tattooed woman

Menna “Canvas” Culathun


Menna is a member of an ancient Dwarven clan that has lived in the jungles near Stormreach for a couple dozen centuries. The Culathun Clan had moved to Xen’Drik in search of spiritual enlightenment before the appearance of the Mark of Warding among the Dwarves of Mror Holds. They utilize another kind of protective magic, based around the ancient Dwarven art of runes, in the form of stylized tattoos on their person and similar, runic designs embedded on items.

She is a shieldmaiden (an ancient honorific since the Culathun barely ever use shields, or armor in general), which implies that her priority is the protection of her clan. However, Menna’s tribe was slaughtered and she was sold to slavery during the Last War. The title of shieldmaiden was never officially bestowed to her: instead, she bestowed it upon herself on swearing to restore her tribe, the Quilltouched. In effect, she is attempting to mate with a as fecund as possible Dwarven male.

Having been released from slavery, Menna found herself stranded in Stormreach. She acts an ink slinger, occasionally enhancing the tattoos with the magic she was taught in her childhood to make them come alive. However, such a life hardly feels fulfilling, and she is craving for a change.


Menna is short, even abnormally short for a Dwarf, and her frame is stubby. She is clearly all muscle and sinew, though, and no fat, making her quite unfeminine. Her whole body is covered in tattoos, the most attention capturing of which are a black adder which slithers up and down her left arm, a big scorpion which lunges at anyone nearing her back, a field of poppies covering her neck and shoulders, and the words “Shieldmaiden of the Culathan” in Dwarven around her right arm. While active, the Rune of Armor she uses is clearly visible around her naval area and looks like a tattoo.

Her eyes are leaf green like fresh grass, and her hair is naturally dirt-colored (greyish brown) but she dyes it with dark olive green streaks. She prefers to show her tattoos, wearing somewhat skimpy clothing (especially for a Dwarf), and a multitude of golden earrings of different designs hang from her ears which have been pierced all around.


Menna is true to her Dwarven heritage with her down to earth attitude regarding most things. She cannot tolerate unfounded swagger, but she takes pride in her prowess with Inkspitter (her runic cutlass), her tattoo-making skills and her ancient rune magic. Most of the time, she will voice any negative opinions of hers outright, despite their potential rudeness, while evoking a positive reaction from her is somewhat harder.

She is very flirtatious with other Dwarves, to an extent that pushes most of them away from her. Sometimes this extends to members of other species, but the flirts translate poorly and she is never serious with them.


Menna is somewhat appreciated among the members of Stormreach looking for cheap quality tattoos. They would likely not rise to defend her but they would surely call the guards if she were to disappear without notice or be attacked. Also, Dwarves will not tolerate any offenses towards their kin when they are around, and Menna is a clearly a Dwarf despite her exotic origins.


Menna craves for a Dwarven husband with whom to revive her tribe. Of course, most Dwarves would prefer not moving into the jungles of Xen’Drik for life to spawn a new generation of wildlings. As such, her quest has proven quite hard (and her personality and non-traditional looksare certainly not helping).

She realizes that she still has time. For the time being, she would welcome almost any change of scenery since her stay in Stormreach has proven infertile regarding the revivification of the Quilltouched tribe. Especially promises of get rich schemes are something she would welcome with open arms since the glint of gold is something no Dwarven male should be able to resist.

Menna "Canvas" Culathun

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