Enilam Naïlo

Nomad fighter

Enilam Naïlo


The blood of two proud people – the seamen of the Lhazaar Principalities and the Elves of Valenar – burns in Enilam’s veins. His heritage is mingled with a lick of fire from his mother’s side, from the proud Naïlo clan, the name of which Enilam carries with pride.

Enilam was a pariah among the Valenar due to his muddied blood, and the salt in his veins inherited from his father eventually drove him aboard a ship, away from the scornful gazes of his proud half-kin. While a champion of good in name and in deed, he does not shy away from the roguish life of a pirate as long as his victims are given a fair warning and their own motivations can be questioned, or their actions would further the ambitions of villains.

The only keepsake he has is his mother’s wedding band, a magical ring blessed by the four winds and a proof of his parents’ love despite the disappearance of his father before his birth. Deep inside, Enilman still answers the call of the seas in hope of finding an old Lhazaar sailor whose face resembles his own.


Enilam prefers the traditional style of his Valenar ancestors and pays homage to them by carrying a silver holy symbol in their honor. However, his face has the a certain chiseled look which does not suit an Elf. His fiery ancestry is visible in his skin, his eyes, and his hair. While none of them are unnatural by Stormreach standards, the golden glint of his eyes combined with his steely gaze would unnerve many back in Khorvaire.


Being a champion of freedom, Enilam accepts the choices made by those around him, although those who chose evil should be punished nevertheless. After all, they should have known that such a fate would await them in the end for making the wrong choice. He is brash and proud, even annoying in his antics, but always passionate about the well-being of the deserving.

His fighting style is based around charging the strongest foe and supporting those who join him in the melee. While such a style could seem to run counter to his glory hog nature, it actually reflects the deeper streak of compassion that runs through his personality underneath the pride and glamour.


Enilam is currently a drifter with no friends or allies. His Elven kin look down on him as a half-blood, and his own pride inherited from them keeps others at bay.


Enilam knows that he would like to find his father some day, although it is not his driving force. Rather, he hopes to encounter the old man but does not anticipate ever succeeding for his father might already be dead.

Rather, he devotes himself to his duty as a champion of freedom. In Stormreach, this has brough him into some trouble with some of the Storm Lords and their lackeys, and he realizes that a sudden departure might be his best chance to survive. Such a hopeless battle does not inspire the Half-Elf, for he knows that tyranny will reside wherever he goes, and battle will be joined no matter where he goes.

Enilam Naïlo

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