Captain Ahab the Rancorous


Cpt. Ahab the Rancorous


Ahab was born in Darguun, near Torlaac Bay. His family were fishermen, and he learned to use the harpoon during these years. Like most of his kin, Ahab utilizes a technique which emphasizes brute strength over accuracy, although he has learned to aim for the vitals during his years as a marine.

He was commandeered to join the mercenary navy of Darguun during the latter years of the Last War. Ahab proved his worth as a marine during these years and was assigned a group of goblin slaves to lead in battle. As the war ended, he was left in Stormreach with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Ahab became involved in petty crime and gambling, acting as a part-time racketeer. However, he remained in the Harbor during all these years.

Finally he had his chance to return to the seas, when a group of addled Brelish sailors including their captain made their way to the gambling den where Ahab was staying. They were easy prey both due to their intoxication and their habit of underestimating the Bugbear’s cunning. Admittedly, when they were losing and would have left, Ahab did persuade them to stay by nailing them on their seats with a harpoon through the gut. Before the last game was over, all of them were dead, and Ahab claimed ownership of their caravel by default.

He then gathered his Goblin helpers, but before they could set sail, the ship was confiscated due to legal particularities. Ahab remained stranded in the Harbor. Boiling but realizing that he could not go against the Iron Watch which had intervened with his plans, he began terrorizing the Leaky Dinghy tavern to vent his frustration.


Captain Ahab is a menacing brute by any standards. His dark brown beard is kept tied, and his balding scalp is hidden by his impressive tricorne hat. The Bugbear prefers to hang lucky charms around his person just in case, and miscellanea gush from the pockets of his coat. There are three ropes tied around his left arm, and the harpoons connected to them are clearly visible.


Ahab has earned his nickname – the Bugbear is a collector of grudges, and even the slightest of offenses can earn you a place on his list. However, he does not contend with silently mulling. Rather, he has an explosive temper which is ignited whenever the targets of his rancor are mentioned.

However, he is also a coward deep down. He has learned that in the end, he is a small time player in Stormreach and in Eberron in general. If someone threatens him convincingly, he will rather retreat and evaluate the threat in hiding. More than a few enemies who had seemed intimidating at first have found themselves lying on an alley, being pounded by Goblins and having a harpoon stick from their side.


Ahab’s Lickspittles

Ahab is still served by his troupe of ten Goblin slaves from his years as a mercenary. The Goblins are every bit as cowardly and petty as their master. Their names are Ishmael, Ishmaul, Ishmon, Ishman, Ishmoan, Ishmike, Ishmoke, Ishmun, Ishmad, and Ishsad.


Ahab has really become saturated with Stormreach, and he wants to return to the open seas. He would prefer being his own master, but the Bugbear has a history of servitude.

His foremost concern is returning the ownership of Piquet, the ship he won, to him. Even though Ahab cheated by most standards and he never really became affiliated with the caravel, he considers it his property. Preferably the Warforged jurists, No Nonsense and Businesslike, who abused the situation should suffer.

Captain Ahab the Rancorous

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