Eberron: At World's End (Xen'Drik Pirates)

Everyone assembled at Kleris’s place, except for Shynt’tree who had decided to part ways with Daemon for the time being since their pursuers would follow him. Daemon was questioned about his wounds and bloody clothes but he avoided revealing the real reason behind them. However, in the dark of the night, Kleris awoke to the steps of two men sneaking on Daemon with drawn weapons. He blasted them with cold, instantly freezing their blood and brains and slaughtering them before they hit the floor and shattered. The noise woke Araen from his meditation as well as Daemon from his sleep. They searched the bodies and found a bag and a longbow waiting outside. Within the bag, they found Shynt’tree’s belongings as well as her head. Before dawn, Kleris threw the bodies of the Scars to the river for the Sahuagin to eat and buried what was left of Shynt’tree. Their belongings were distributed among the remaining party members. Surplus weapons were sold and the vials of poison they had been carried were identified by an alchemist, and the all the Drow poison was traded for a healing potion and a tanglefoot bag.

Afterwards, the party rendezvoused with Ahab and his lickspittles by the remains of the Leaky Dinghy. They further discussed the details of the plan and decided to strike at dusk when two of the Goblins would distract the Warforged by setting fire to the wooden warehouses closest to the piers. They were armed with oil and alchemist’s fire for the job. Ahab and the members of the party were turned invisible while the rest of the Goblins waited in hiding.

The battle with the Warforged was intense and over quickly. Both Kleris and Araen blasted the Warforged on deck with lightning, drastically reducing their numbers. Ahab managed to harpoon the captain, dropping her, but not before she had ordered her men to retreat by jumping off the ship. One full squadron managed to escape before the rest were slaughtered by repeated bursts of deadly magic. Daemon boarded the ship but dropped the ladders, forcing him to search for another way to allow the rest to board the ship. Before the squadron which had left to investigate the fires managed to return, alerted by the shouts and flashes of lightning, they had left the harbor behind with the help of favorable winds conjured by Araen.

Once safe, they sent Kleris and two Goblins to fetch the remaining Goblins, Menna and fresh water on a rowing boat. However, they were spotted by the members of the Iron Watch before entering Stormreach and forced to escape and land elsewhere. Kleris went to fetch the Goblins from the Leaky Dinghy’s ruins, learning that they had become small time pyromaniacs. He instructed about the boat’s whereabouts before leaving for Menna. On his way, the Warforged spotted the psion, forcing him to turn himself invisible. After he had found Menna in the Wayward Lobster, he bought three barrels of fresh water and had it carried to where the boat was. The workers were paid extra to seal their mouths.

Once everyone and everything was finally on board the Piquet, Captain Ahab decided that they would sail for Three Barrel Cove to recruit certain acquaintances of his as well as to learn about any suitable shipments to rob.



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